Mental Heath Awareness Week - The Year of Kindness

Posted May 18th, 15:27

1 min read

Feelings of loneliness and separation are something that we all experience in our day to day lives, but with the social isolation of lockdown, these feelings are amplified.

That’s why we’ve been holding our Health, Well-being and Wellness Workshops every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, to offer support and guidance and to create a community focused around keeping mentally and physically healthy whilst having to stay at home. 


The group features live and interactive workshops that are hosted by experts from across the UK. Our sessions range from mental health, anxiety and physical exercise, through to mindfulness and even life-management such as how to keep on top of bills, energy use and health technology.


We’re also teaming up with Well-being Therapist Clare Holness, to offer three, free one-to-one coaching sessions. The sessions will focus on self-doubt, relationships and time management, or can be used as an opportunity to plan and prepare long term goals or to help connect you with other resources and organisations.


For more information and for a chance to take part in one of these sessions, you can join our Health, Well-being and Wellness Workshop Facebook Group. There, you can find lots of support and resources, as well as take part in any of our live workshops. As the theme of this Mental Health Awareness Week is Kindness, we will also randomly select three people to take part in Clare’s one-to-one Wellness sessions. 


It’s so important to stay connected during tough times, and though there are more opportunities to interact than ever, it can sometimes feel like white noise. We’d encourage anyone who wants to actively take care of themselves, and help others be more mindful of their own mental and physical health, to join our community.


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