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Introducing… This Week on Startup Club

Posted July 13th, 9:30

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Introducing… This Week on Startup Club

We know we’re not alone in doing a lot of soul searching over the last few weeks as we come to terms with closing the doors of our spaces temporarily and adapt to do everything we can to keep our members, teams, and families safe.

We are grateful for your continued support as we all adjust to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t say how much it means to us that we are taking on these difficult days as a community.

But like most startups and freelancers, we’ve had to take stock and consider how we change our service to continue to be of value as the working world changes.

Today we are launching something new. Working with our expert community, we will provide daily, online, interactive workshops available across the UK through our new StartupClub online platform.

We feel incredibly grateful to work with and be surrounded by so many kind and skilled people who share our desire to do something to help when physically being there isn’t possible. 

We’re sure you’ll find the sessions both highly informative and really useful. We also hope they’ll become something of a daily habit that allows you to get away from the isolation of working from home and take part in a shared learning experience with other members online.

Why are we doing this?

There are two reasons for us taking this step: to help people to learn something new and to reduce isolation in any way we can.

Our workshops will start at noon every weekday, and the main objective for our workshop leaders is to share three things that every attendee can implement that afternoon. There will be an element of Q&A and interaction, and the session will be done by 2pm so you can put the takeaways to work straight away everyday.  


We are going to send out a lot of feedback requests, are the workshops insightful enough? Does the delivery style work? Are our presenters giving enough time for Q&A? Are the workshops too simple or too complicated? We want to know what other workshops we should be delivering, whether we need to try different time slots, and whether we need to consider doing longer sessions. 

We will make mistakes, we will have teething issues, that’s all ok with us – as long as you are happy to be patient with us and keep giving us feedback we will get there.

Today we are announcing our first fortnight of sessions, and hope to always have two weeks of workshops available to register for, all free of charge.

If you are interested in delivering a workshop, or if you have a recommendation for someone who you think would be perfect for this – please let us know. Here’s our feedback box!

Our first speakers

The workshops start TODAY! At noon, we have our first speaker, Teresa Carnell, who is delivering her workshop on how to get your LinkedIn account up to scratch. Thursday is How to Manage a Cashflow Crisis and Friday’s workshop is on Setting Good Marketing Goals.

You can find all of our events on our Eventbrite page, or even better, join our mailing list for a weekly update as soon as the speakers are confirmed.

Thanks for supporting us during these curious times. We hope that, together, we can create something that helps to make a really positive difference to you and your business.


Gareth Jones

Founder of TownSq and Startup Club

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