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Why you don’t need to 'launch' your new business

Posted March 28th, 17:00

3 min read

Launching a new business seems like the most important milestone in a journey.

That day when your business goes from pre-launch to launch is exciting, nerve-racking and just a little bit intimidating.

Will anyone care? How many people will congratulate me? How many views has the website got today?

But launching a business isn’t about other people – it’s about you.

The big step is ‘putting yourself out there’. Once you’ve told a single person that you’re thinking of doing it, you’ve launched and taken the toughest step

And that’s why formally launching a business isn’t necessary. Instead of launching, you should just start doing.

Formally launching the business means putting a date on when you start but the reality is that you’ve already started – whether it’s networking, picking up a few clients or even just getting business cards made. These are all part of launching a business, and unless you need to get lots of attention quickly, a formal launch date will just put pressure on you.

Depending on what you’re doing, the term ‘launch’ may not even mean anything to you – you might launch in one place and not another, or you might launch a beta version to test the market. Launching a business isn’t one thing – it’s whatever you decide.

Don’t launch, iterate

Whether it’s a launch party or a formal event where the business is shown off for the first time, setting out your stall could limit what you become in the next few months.

A launch event can even be deflating. The world will continue spinning as if you didn’t just pour out your heart and share this life-changing idea.

Startups change and grow every day and you don’t want to tie yourself to a certain mission or brand – or even a certain product – when the chances are you might want to change and grow in the next 12 months.

A soft launch allows you to change and adapt, without people thinking you’re going back on your initial declaration.

Need attention?

If you need lots of attention for your startup quickly, a formal launch is a great opportunity for press coverage but you’ll have plenty of other opportunities too. You might make great partnerships, get investment or grow your team, or publicise your journey via your own channels – all these things are chances for more coverage in the first few months of business.

Think you need to ‘launch’ to get started? Think again. There are lots of things you can do to gradually build up your business.

Build a landing page

Just because your website isn’t ready doesn’t mean you can’t collect leads. Give some information about what you’re doing, allow people to give you their email addresses and away you go.

Networking and taking meetings

Don’t put off networking until you’ve formally launched – make a few DIY business cards and get out there.

Build your social presence

Start sharing content relevant to your business, and creating content for your website to push out over the next few months.

Get clients

The most important thing not to hold off on. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t launched, if you can get clients on your books then put that above everything.

Don’t put it off

The idea of launch day can seem like a good goal to aim for. By setting a date in your mind you can hold yourself accountable and ensure you’re ready when that day comes round.

Setting yourself a goal is a great thing to do, just don’t make a song and dance about it. Things may happen which delay your launch, or you my launch and find that things go wrong. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to get everything perfect just because of some arbitrary date. Launch quietly, fix whatever goes wrong quickly and get to work.

Emily Bater

Full-time teacher and freelance content writer

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